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Week of 26 February 2007

Latest Update: Sunday, 4 March 2007 130 p.m.

Monday, 26 February 2007

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Monday greetings. We had a lot of spillover from the weekend cleaning frenzy at work. Drew and I patrolled the floors this morning picking up some additional boxes of files to be closed or returned.

In the meantime we had requests from upstairs to pick up an additional 60 boxes in various file rooms to be closed. Drew and I both made pick up runs this afternoon. In between several small problems popped up that needed handling. Right now Drew and I have something in the neighborhood of 150 boxes of files that need put in the computer/prepared to be sent off site. Steve has to go to our Atlanta office tomorrow and our new Maryland office next week. I e-mailed Bob around 3pm and told him I was skipping the gym tonight and would be home at my regular time. 

Over the weekend I mentioned starting another Anne Perry, Thomas and Charlotte Pitt mystery. In The Hyde Park Headsman, someone is murdering upper class British gentlemen by first knocking them out with a blow to the head then cutting their head off and leaving it beside the body. Pitt who was promoted to Superintendent in the last book, has his hands full trying to solve the case and retain the loyalty of his policemen who resent one of their own becoming their boss. 

Of course Charlotte, her sister Emily, and Aunt Vespasia try to help by snooping around the inner circles of the upper class gaining information about the victims to help Pitt solve the murder. With Thomas' promotion they are moving to a larger house which needs a great deal of work. Via Charlotte, I am learning a great deal about Victorian architecture and furnishings as she describes things which need done to the house.

The weather has turned mild once again. Bob and I have only one episode of To the Manor Born and a special episode left to watch.


Tuesday, 27 February 2007

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No update.


Wednesday, 28 February 2007

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Happy Birthday to my mom. Since Frances has to work tonight we celebrated last night by taking her out to dinner at River Birch Lodge. Nice place, not too fancy but out of the ordinary. I picked up mom and dad after work while Frances and Bob met us at the restaurant. By the time we got home, fed the dogs, and walked them it was time for bed. I am still reading the Anne Perry.

We continue to plow away at closing files. Tomorrow I have to help organize the moving of attorney files from one room to another. Thankfully I can get help from IKON for the actually moving and setting them up on the new shelves. At least tonight I was not too tired to make it to the gym from work.

The weather remains mild, with chilly enough temperatures at night for a hard frost.

Since we finished up watching the To The Manor Born tonight we are watching a Campion, a mystery series based on the books by Margery Allingham produced in 1989 and 90. Campion is played by Peter Davison who starred in several series including All Creatures Great and Small and Dr. Who.


Thursday, 1 March 2007

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My friend Bonnie came up town to meet me for lunch today. We walked several blocks to a new place which just reopened downtown, Skippy's. He closed his place at the mall and opened up in one of the old, small store fronts along 4th street, the main drag of downtown. It was overcast, damp feeling, and cool but nice to get out and get some fresh air.

By the time I left work at 5 it had been raining but was barely sprinkling. As I made my way across town toward home the rain picked up so that by the time I made it to the library it was raining pretty hard. When I got home Bob had the TV on the local news. We are under some severe weather watches for tonight with high winds, lots of rain, and possible tornado activity. I did not stop at the grocery store for the weekly shopping because Bob and I are planning a combined grocery and miscellaneous shopping trip to Wal-Mart tomorrow night. We had planned to go tonight but with the nasty weather in the forecast we abandoned our plans.

It was still raining pretty steady when we took the dogs out after dinner. We are watching another season of Sandbaggers tonight. I am still reading the Anne Perry. With no lunch time reading today I may get it finished tonight if I can stay awake long enough.

Between us, Drew and I closed 50 boxes of files today. That is just a little over the average of being able to do 12 boxes in one day. The planned file room move did not take place, which I am thankful. Steve will be back in the office tomorrow and can coordinate that himself. Anyway, by tomorrow Drew and I will have the backlog of boxes from the weekend clean up caught up and I can go back to my regular projects. 


Friday, 2 March 2007

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Yahoo, it's Friday. I worked through lunch and left at 4 to come home, change, and pick up Bob  for our Wal-Mart excursion. We stopped at Mcalister's Deli first for an early dinner which is located near the Wal-Mart.

While I did weekly grocery plus miscellaneous shopping Bob took care of some things he needed. We met back up at the car. While it is possible for us to roam around in Costco and then meet up again in the store, it is not so easy in Wal-Mart. About halfway around I stupidly remembered to should have told him to turn his cell phone on.

The dogs have been fed and walked. Now for a nice quiet evening of watching something, not sure what Bob decided on for tonight.

The weather is very warm currently being 57 degrees at 7pm. We did not get any of the severe weather promised for last night getting just a little of half an inch of rain. I have lots of small to medium size limbs down in the yard from the wind.


Saturday, 3 March 2007

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Back to the painting project. First off this morning I spent half an hour or so cleaning up the basement where the cars are parked. I broke down a bunch of cardboard boxes, gathered up several piles of stuff for Goodwill and two large bags of packing peanuts. In one full circle of a couple of miles I dropped off the cardboard at the fire station/recycling bins, made a stop at the Goodwill trailer and another one across the street at the UPS mailing center with the peanuts.

Back home, I first rolled our bathroom ceiling. Thankfully when we remodeled that bathroom we put in a new smooth wall board ceiling. After I finished I took a break to do a couple of other chores and eat lunch. After lunch I started hand brushing the ceiling in the foyer. I am not sure if that one was painted back when I did the others up here or not. With one rest break to take the dogs out back to play some ball, I did was able to do that one in about an hour and a half. Then I rolled a second coat on our bathroom. It was pretty bad looking since the exhaust fan really doesn't do much.

Next, I started using Kilz primer on the foyer and hall walls below the chair rail. It has been probably ten years since I painted it a rather dark blue color. For years, when I did the yearly deep clean I always washed the wall down to get rid of the dirt from the dogs coats brushing up against it and the beating it takes playing hall ball. It has been a couple of years since I washed it down due to lack of time and, the paint go to the point when I scrubbed it down it would come off.

I had enough Kilz to do the foyer and down one side of the hall before I ran out of both paint and energy. I will pick up another small can to finish the job. Since the hall bath is painted the same color I will have to prime it as well. I am going back to beiges for both though the hall and foyer will be a dark beige. I will paint the hall  bath the same color as I use on the walls in the hall and foyer above the chair rail.

While I was very warm today it turned windy, 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. It will bring a cold front through tonight dropping temperatures back down to the mid 30's and even higher winds.

Last night we watched another Cadfael. Tonight, home made pizza and another Campion. I am reading the newest Lslie Meier, Lucy Stone mystery set in Tinkers Cove, Maine. 


Sunday, 4 March 2007

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It is a beautiful sunny day but too cold for golf. At this moment the temperature is 38 degrees with winds gusting to 20 mph. Instead, I stayed home to do the weekly house cleaning. I also caught up on a laundry basket load of ironing. I've the dogs out to play once.

I have the usual desk clearing and computer chores this afternoon but otherwise I plan to spend the rest of the day relaxing and resting.


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