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Week of 25 June 2007

Latest Update: Sunday, 1 July 2007 3:20 p.m.

Monday, 25 June 2007

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Last night we watched the pilot episode of the Mrs. Bradley Mysteries. The further we got into the show the more Bob and I both thought we had seen these before. We watched the next two one hour episodes which we had seen but forgot the entire story and how they ended. I guess we recorded them off Mystery or Masterpiece Theater at one time. But, as we have learned, the tend to cut the full shows when they air them on TV to make them fit. 

Mrs. Bradley is played by the great Diana Rigg, one of our favorite actors. What reminded me the most that we had seen them before was Rigg talks to the audience throughout the show telling parts of the story and/or her thoughts about what is going on. Peter Davies, who we are watching in the last detective turns up in these as well as Inspector Henry Christmas.

As we were watching the second show I looked out the deck window remarking to Bob how dark it was getting (as in storm clouds). Sure enough a storm started blowing up about 8:15. Bob checked the Weather Channel online to learn we were under severe thunderstorm warning until 9 pm. A really nasty line of storms moved right over top of us much like it did last Tuesday night. We got another 1 1/2 inches of rain brining out monthly total to over 5 inches. We might of had a dry May but we are having a wet June for sure. 

The show ended a little before 9. We turned to a local station running a radar of the storm while waiting on it to move on through so we could walk the dogs. At 9:20 it was still raining, thundering, and lightening so we just let the guys out the front door for a quick potty. Bob said he would take them out later. Well, an hour later it was still storming with another one coming through. He let them out in the front yard again and that was it for the night.

It was hot and muggy again today. I walked at lunch but only about 20 minutes. I was getting too hot and sweaty in my work cloths to continue any longer.

It looks like we may have another storm coming it about the same time tonight if it holds together. It looks to be about 30 miles to our west which is where the one came in from last night. We gave the dogs a good walk after dinner just in case the evening turns into another quick out in the yard affair again tonight.


Tuesday, 26 June 2007

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We had another storm roll through last night at almost the same time as the previous night. This one was not as bad on our side of town. We only got .20 inches of rain with some lightening and thunder. We watched the last two episodes of Mrs. Bradley. It was not raining at 9 pm for the dogs last time but it was still lightening too much to risk taking the dogs for a walk. They had another quick out in the yard instead.

I sat up until almost 11 to finish the Anne Perry. As usual I was surprised at "who done it". I hardly ever guess her endings. Today at lunch I started another Detective Beaumont by J.A. Jance.

The weather forecast for this afternoon and evening was 40% thunderstorms. It was still sunny when we left work at 5. I rushed home to change and get the lawn mowed before any storms blew up.. It was still 90 degrees with about 40% humidity. Even though I just mowed last Thursday the grass was very high. With all the rain the last fertilizer treatment is finally making the grass grow and green up again.

I just checked the online forecast. There is now only a slight chance of storms for the remainder of the evening but the hot muggy conditions will remain.

We are watching more of the Last Detective tonight.


Wednesday, 27 June 2007

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I had a bit of a work out at work today. We brought in 64 boxes from our off site storage to be checked for contents by our accounting department. The delivery guy stacked them five high. As the person reviewed them I had to move each one to a new stack for her to check. Once they were all checked they had to be moved from the floor back to our holding shelves for the next step in the process. Drew helped me load them on the hand cart and put them on the shelves in the back. Even so, I guess I picked up each box at least twice.

Needless to say I did mostly cardio and leg work when I got to the gym. On the drive home it looked like it was going to pour any minute. Once I was in the gym I heard several loud booms of thunder but the storm moved east of our part of the city. There are storms all around us this evening but so far none have made it into our neighborhood.

Back to watching more of Last Detective. Have a great evening.


Thursday, 28 June 2007

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When I walked at lunch time it was sunny, hot, and muggy. I did not last long out there in black pants and black stripped shirt. I am sure I have mentioned it before but I shall remind you, I work in the basement of the building. Unless we go up on the floors we have no way of knowing what the weather is. I usually check the online weather channel in the afternoon when they are calling for some kind of weather be it storms, snow, etc. I got busy this afternoon and forgot to check.

We come and go by a side door entrance to the building. When we opened the door it was almost dark outside, not a good thing. At that very moment there was a tremendous pop of thunder followed by a bright flash. Needless to say, I took off running down the sidewalk to the parking deck around the block. I could care less about getting wet. I am very nervous being outside in a storm that close.

It was only drizzling when I started out toward my side of town but the thunder and lightening was pretty bad. About halfway home I hit a major down pour with the trees swaying, etc. I called Bob to see if we were under any kind of tornado watch. He said the radar showed the worst of the storm had passed over us, dumping another half plus inch of rain and was heading to the other side of the city.

Since I had to stop at the library and grocery store I did not want to get stuck out if we had bad weather pending. I would much rather be home in my basement if we are under threat of tornado's. I went on to the library and store with it still raining and an occasional clap of thunder. By the time I left the store it had cleared off.

While we were eating dinner we heard more rumbles. I just checked the radar. If the storm just west of us holds together we could get another hit in the next half hour or so.


Friday, 29 June 2007

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I finished the J. P. Beaumont last night. Like Anne Perry, Jance always has a surprise ending. Next up, I shall read the last book in the Adriana Trigiani Big Stone Gap series.

The hot, muggy, stormy conditions continue. We had a mild storm again last night and another one this afternoon. We are under severe thunderstorm watch until 10 pm tonight.

Tonight we are watching the last disc of The Last Detective. 


Saturday, 30 June 2007

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I was over at dad's a little after nine this morning. As predicted, it took about 2 hours to do the eight bushes along the front of the house. I cut each one back down to the ground hauling off a wheel barrow full of bush cuttings for each bush across the street to be picked up by the city.

Frances came over around 11:15. We piled in her car to go eat lunch at the Orchard. Dad wanted me to trim the monkey grass around the bushes we trimmed last week and get the leaves up. It was easier to crank up his mower and mow the grass down and suck up the leaves. I finished up around 2.

At least this morning it was partly cloudy though the humidity was pretty high making it very muggy. The sun came out after lunch giving us those chances of afternoon storms again.

They are playing the women's U.S. Open golf in Pinehurst, NC. These afternoon storms are playing havoc with getting the first and second rounds completed. I hope to watch it on TV this afternoon if the weather holds up.


Sunday, 1 July 2007

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It was a nice morning for golf. It was cool, in the mid 70's. By the time we got to the back nine the wind picked up making it very nice.

I mowed, edged, and swept when I got home. Even though it is only 80 degrees and still a nice breeze I was pretty warm by the time I finished up.

Rest and relax this afternoon. I do need to do some stuff here at my desk after dinner including paying the bills. Another month torn off the calendar. The year is half gone already. Hope you had a good weekend.


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