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Week of 2 July 2007

Latest Update: Saturday, 8 July 2007 3:30 p.m.

Monday, 2 July 2007

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It may be Monday on the calendar but it is my Thursday. After tomorrow I will be off the remainder of the week taking Thursday and Friday after the 4th of July. I have lots planned to get done around the house.

If you are into Celtic music you really much purchase some of The Browne Sisters and George Cavanaugh CD's. One of the Brown Sisters is D.L. Brown also known as the author Diana Killian. Marcia and sat with Diana at her table at Malice. Last year, while exchanging e-mails with Bob she mentioned her music side of life. I ordered one CD and fell in love with it. I now own two more and intend to buy the remaining ones I do not have. 

Not much else to report. I need to get the special edition of the Friends newsletter ready for taking to the printers tomorrow. We have a big program July 21 everyone on the board is working very hard on. I like to use the printers downtown. Since tomorrow is my last day of work I need to drop it off in the morning to have it ready to pick up tomorrow afternoon. I can fold and stamp tomorrow night to get it ready to go out after the 4th.


Tuesday, 3 July 2007

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No update.


Wednesday, 4 July 2007

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Happy Independence Day. Last night Paul came over around six for a visit and update on Mary and the Blue Planet Run. After we ate and were sitting around talking I started folding, labeling, and stamping the Friends newsletter. I dropped both the newsletter and the brochure off on Tuesday morning on the way to work. They called me around 11 to let me know they had my print jobs finished. Wow. I was expecting to have to pick them up after work at 5. At walked down to pick them up stopping on the way back to grab some lunch at the cafe in our building.

I picked a perfect day to start with my painting projects outside. The temperatures this morning when I started were about 72 degrees with a nice breeze. I painted the front porch columns, the trim around the den window at the deck and the back door that opens on the deck. While I was on the deck painting the window I heard this sound that made my blood curl and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Malcolm had let out howl/whine that I have never heard before. He wanted to be outside with me and knew I was right there on the deck. I let both out to hang around while I painted. I had them on the ropes in the front yard while I was painting out there.

Several times I stopped to walk the dogs and go next door to let the dogs visit with the girls and Stephanie while they were out doing stuff in their yard. Around 11 I took an early break to bring them in to cool off and eat left over pizza for lunch. After lunch I went to go back outside and one of the dogs, I suspect it was Malcolm, had barfed twice in the foyer. I suspect he was eating things he was not supposed to while visiting next door. We cleaned that up then I took them back outside with me while I resumed my painting. It was not long before Malcolm kept going to the door to be let in. Sure enough, they wore themselves out enough to want to come in and rest.

I painted the outside of the French doors which had not been painted since they were installed in 1991 when we moved Lenore in. Then I painted the basement door and frame. I am fairly certain the inside of that door has not been painted since we moved in and not for a long time before that. I did not have enough of the light cream color to paint the garage doors. Other than that, I have finished the outside painting.

We are not doing anything special for the 4th except hanging out here at home. Hope you have a save and enjoyable 4th.


Thursday, 5 July 2007

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Be sure to check Bob's page for today. It was wild night last night with the dogs and fireworks. We tried taking them for their last time out walk about 8:15 before it became fully dark. Bob took Malcolm just in case we heard poppers. I can handle him under any conditions except when he hears those pop noises. Then, he pulls like a train to get back to the house. When I am tired, like I was last night, I am afraid he will pull me over. It not just firecrackers. The kids on the street behind us do pop wheelies with their skate boards. It makes a similar noise as a gunshot/firecracker. He does the same the thing.

Sure enough, just as we got as far as Kim's house they went off somewhere close. Bob let him pull back to the house while I ambled down the street with Duncan. He is not as bad outdoors but gets real scared when the loud booms start going off. Even though it was early I went on back to bed to read. Every couple of minutes Malcolm would start barking at the fireworks. He has a very loud bark that echo's through the house, especially with the hardwood floors. A few minutes later I heard Duncan scrambling from his bed. He sleeps between Bob's side of the bed and the wall. Sure enough, he was trying to go under Bob's table and behind the bed. Unable to get behind the bed he turned right and plopped down with his head on his bed. I called Bob back to look at him. He took some pictures. I put the pillow over his his head to help him feel like he was protected in a cave. He was more afraid of the big booms coming from the baseball park. As the crow flies it is not all that far away from us. They were having a big display after the game last night.

I finished reading the Big Stone Gap. Bob wanted me to read A Study in Scarlet, the first Sherlock Holmes mystery written by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. We have watched all the Holmes mysteries played by Jeremy Brett but I have never read the stories. I remember when Bob and I first met he talked about Doyle. I bought him one of those companion collections for a present one time not knowing he already had several versions.

So, last night I started it to see how I would like it. Since I like Anne Perry, who writes about that time period, Bob said I should like these because Doyle lived and wrote during the time period. So are I am finding the writing excellent and the story good. This story introduces us to Holmes and how he and Watson met and became friends/partners. The problem with the book is that it is very old. The print is tiny which is hard for me even with my glasses. I am due for a checkup/prescription change anyway. But, I can plow my way through enough. I will read this one and then put the book on my shelf to maybe pick up from time to time to read a story from.

The noise and dogs finally settled about 10:00. I turned off the light. I had fallen into a light sleep when I heard Duncan scrambling around again. He was trying to get out from under the table. With his bad hips he has to sort of swing his back end around to get his legs under him. No way was he going to do that under the table. I took all the stuff off then lifted the table up to let him come out.

This morning I cleaned house before taking off for errands. I finally made it over to Dick's Sporting goods to look for much needed new golf shoes. They had some fairly decent choices. As long as I have been playing, 40 years, women have never had the selection the men have. But, I found a nice pair at a good price, plus picked up a new glove and some more balls. Since we do not play nearly as much as we used to I can get about three or four years out of a pair shoes.

From there I stopped at K & W cafeteria for some vegetables before going on to the dentist. Dr. Miller installed my crown. I was in and out of there in about 45 minutes. On the way home I made a grocery store run. After unloading the groceries I loaded up the Goodwill and cardboard recycling my trip out to Home Depot and Wal-Mart. I picked up a quart of the outside paint color so I can do the garage doors plus some more rollers and stuff for the bathroom project. Wal-Mart had only one box of dog treats left the dogs like. They will have to do with small milk bones until I go back in that direction.

Home at last. It is only 85 degrees outside but I have been hot all day. In and out of the car, walking the dogs, etc. I wanted to get all my errands run today so I can stay home tomorrow and paint. This afternoon I have some desk work to do. With Mary on her run, Paul has an abundance of garden produce. He sent me some zucchini which I am going to cut up and pan fry for dinner along with some mashed potatoes. My mouth is real sore but I don't think I feel like eating soft stuff tonight. There may still be a few fireworks lurking in the neighborhood tonight. I hope not. 


Friday, 6 July 2007

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Day three of my vacation. We are sleeping in until around 8 each morning which is nice. On work days I always read through the newspaper pretty quickly but during my vacation and on the weekends I can read at a more leisurely pace.

I started on the bathroom this morning. Half the walls are small square tiles in a beige color. We had those done along with the floor sometime back in the 90's. The only painting is the walls above the tile line. First I had to prime over the dark blue. I absolutely hate painting with primer. It's like painting with white water. After I finished priming the bathroom I did the door from the basement to the finished area. One side had been painted at least once but the other side is a nasty looking green color that has been there since we moved in. At some point I am going to prime the wall beside the door and the one that frames in the stairs and paint those. In addition to years of dirt, the cement wall part has crayon and other marks from when we moved in. I doubt I will be brave enough to tackle the whole basement but I would like to do that. Another time.

After lunch I put on the light blue coat, that same color as our back bathroom. I hate to waste paint. If I have half a gallon of a color left I like to try to use it in another room if I can. This blue looks much better than the dark blue but still goes with the beige tile. After I rolled the walls I finally finished painting the door to Lenore's old area back and front and putting a second coat on the trim around that door. By that time it was fast approaching my 3pm quiting time. I went back upstairs and painted the bathroom window before calling it a day.

Last night we had mild thunderstorm role through just after 9pm. It lasted well over an hour dumping almost an inch of rain before moving on out. This morning it was cloudy and overcast looking all morning like we might get some more. The sun has been in and out all day. I am glad I did the outside painting on Wednesday and saved the inside stuff for today and tomorrow. With sun finally out this afternoon it has really turn hot and muggy with more of the same for tomorrow.

During dinner last night we started watching Camomile Lawn (Yes, that is how they spelled Chamomile). It stars some of our favorites Felicity Kendal and Paul Eddington. It also stars Rosemary Harris and her daughter Jennifer Ehle of whom both call Winston-Salem their home. Harris is married to author John Ehle. As usual, the British found some really beautiful and talented actresses who went on to do other good parts.

The story goes back and forth between the WWII years and current year which we think may be around the time it was made in 1992. The show is very good but would not air on American TV without being cut and bloopered. Lots of nudity, adultery, language, etc. etc. The movie represents the changes in British culture and mores brought on by the war. Bob said he read the movie stuck pretty close to the book written by Mary Wesley.


Saturday, 7 July 2007

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Mission accomplished. I started out this morning putting a second coat of paint on the bathroom wall. I took the dogs downstairs to give them a chance to run around while I did some stuff in the basement and prepared to paint to the garage doors. Stephanie and the kids had just come out so we went over to visit with them for awhile. The guys had a chance to play with the girls and get good and exhausted.

After putting them back in I painted the garage doors and put a second coat of paint on the outside of the basement door. By then it was noon and time for a lunch break. After lunch I put the first coat of paint on the bathroom doors and a second coat on the window. While that dried I went out to mow the lawn. With all this rain it is growing like crazy. While is fine with me. I would rather have to mow than have it be dead from drought. I am fairly certain the lawn treatments Scott's is doing is helping to keep it green.

I then put a second coat on the bathroom doors and had just enough paint left to second coat the door to Lenore's old area plus paint the door to the basement I primed yesterday. Whew, a full day but I have completed the painting projects I wanted to get done while I was on vacation.

Last night we watched the last two episodes of Camomile Lawn then watched an episode of Midsomer Murders. Bob and I have seen some of the earlier ones when they first aired on A & E but have forgotten a lot of what happens. Everybody who is anybody in European theater has starred in these shows. They are somewhat like a small village cozy starring John Nettles as DCI Tom Barnaby. Nettles is another one of my favorite actors. He voice and the way he plays his characters are excellent. This series shows more of Barnaby's home life than a lot of other mysteries.

I finished reading the Study in Scarlet. Next up, I have the most recent Joanna Brady by Jance than perhaps some books from my TRB pile.


Sunday, 8 July 2007

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Dad and I played golf this morning. We teed off about 7:20. It was warm and muggy with not even a slight breeze stirring.

This afternoon Bob helped me scrub down the bathroom walls while I scrapped paint from the windows and drips from the tile. After giving the tub, sinks, and counter tops a good scrub down I vacuumed and moped the floor. All that is left is hanging the new shower curtain and rehanging the window curtain after it is washed and dried. Bob washed the curtains from the dinning room and living room as well since they had not been done in a while. Both inside and out are starting to look pretty good. There are still some things that need done to complete the upgrading and repair of an almost 40 year old house.

I also had to scrape the basement door window and clean those panes. The paint stuff is finally removed from Bob's work room but has just been piled up in the basement. I can get it reorganized next weekend.

We watched two Midsomer Murders last night. One we had seen and one we had not. Time to relax, read the paper, and watch some golf. Steaks and chicken on the grill tonight.


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