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Week of 23 July 2007

Latest Update: Sunday 29 July 2007 3:00 p.m.

Monday, 23 July 2007

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I mentioned last week I am ready a Thomas and Charlotte Pitt, Brunswick Gardens. This is the first one of her books I have struggled getting through. A young lady staying in the house of a vicar/scholar gets murdered by being pushed down the stairs. In the house lives his wife, his two daughters and his son. His son has decided to become a priest much to the horror of his father. The young lady who is murdered is a believer in Darwin and a feminist. She is helping the vicar translate some ancient texts. Also living in the house is Dominic Corde, the brother-in-law of Charlotte. In an earlier book Charlotte's sister is murdered. Charlotte had lost touch with Dominic until he resurfaced as a curate in this house.

The book covers a lot of religion, Darwinism, etc in the plot. As usual, everyone in the house suspects everyone else as being the murdered. When the autopsy reveals the young lady was three months pregnant, a shorter time period than her stay in the house, the tension is heightened even more. There are a lot of discussions about love, not like a cheap romance, but love versus duty, loyalty, etc.

As I got about half way in the book it seemed to move a little better and gain my attention. It was not bad enough to give up on the book it just has not been one of my favorites in the series so far. Last night I came across a very interesting quote by Pitt that I really liked. I will share it with you. Pitt is having a discussion with one of the vicar's daughters who was very fond of the murder victim. They are discussing pleasure and love in a relationship.

Pitts said "Pleasure is about coming and going as you like. Love is about doing what is sometimes difficult, or expensive in time and emotion, for some else's sake, and finding that if it adds to their happiness, then it does yours also."  

I could not express it any better myself. With Bob and I rapidly approaching the 24 year mark I feel like we both have made that a part of our very long and happy relationship. I, for one, shall continue to keep that in the back of my mind for the next 24.

It was off to the gym after work. The weather remains cool. I sat outside at lunch and read though it was a little warm sitting in the sun.


Tuesday, 24 July 2007

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No post.


Wednesday, 25 July 2007

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We just got in from having dinner with my folks, Frances, and Al. Today is my dad's 85th birthday. He is really in remarkable shape for his age. I firmly believe staying active keeps you healthy. He goes to the gym, plays golf, walks somewhere between 4 and 5 miles total when he works at the hospital, etc. He has slowed down a lot, both physically and mentally but overall, he is doing pretty well.

Dinner was at a new diner type place that just opened up. Nothing fancy, just good food and a lot of fun.

I finally finished the Anne Perry. It gets much better in the second half of the book. Bob liked this one and I do not think it was one of her better ones. Oh well.

Last night I started a new Rhys Bowen and a new series set in the 1930's. The first title, Her Royal Spyness, introduces us to Georgiana, a distant relative of England's royal family. I fell in love on the first page. The book is a shear delight to read. It is one of those laugh out loud kind of witty novels, very light, very fresh. Georgiana is somewhat of a klutz. She has left her Scottish home/castle to find her own way in London. She lasted just five hours working the cosmetics counter at Herrods and runs into a distant cousin with whom she crashes a wedding for food just for starters.

Rhys is still writing her Molly Murphy series but has put her Evan Evans series on hold. You will not want to miss reading this first book in her new series. I promise you will not be disappointed.

We had a heck of a storm come in last night. Some rain but a lot of noise and loud booming.


Thursday, 26 July 2007

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No update.


Friday, 27 July 2007

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Last night I went out to Wal-Mart from work to look for dog treats and do the weekly shopping. By the time I got home and we put the groceries away it was too late to do much more than a quick mail check.

For the last week, since we had the front brakes put on my car it has still been making a noise off and on when I put on the brakes. Plus, they pulsated at times. Yesterday morning when I pulled into the parking garage there was a scrapping noise without applying the breaks. I called the garage to make an appointment to take it out this morning. Bob followed me out, I dropped him back off and on to work. Turns out the back brakes needed replaced. Not sure why we didn't think to have them checked or that they didn't suggest we have them checked at the same time we were having the front done.

We drove out to pick it up after I got off from work. I had intended to mow this evening but we had a pretty good rain shower this afternoon.

During dinner we watched the last Mapp and Lucia. We enjoyed the series but felt like the final episode was a little weak. As soon as I finish up here we are watching another Midsomer Murder.


Saturday, 28 July 2007

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We had a heck of storm during the night dumping close to half an inch of rain. The thunder woke me first but had it not Malcolm would have when he started barking to chase the thunder away. We had another brief rain shower this morning about 9.

After I did the usual house cleaning chores this morning I tackled the kitchen. I took everything off the counters first. I emptied the sugar, flour, and tea canisters and the stoneware crock I keep cooking utensils. Bob gave me the stoneware canisters from L.L. Bean for Christmas not long after we moved into this house.

I first scrubbed down the tile behind the stove and counter and gave the stove top a good scrubbing with Brillo. Next, I started on cabinet and drawer fronts washing down all 21 doors and six drawer fronts. Bob came in to help me with washing and drying of the canisters, etc. We had some big washing up to do from the week that did not fit in the dishwasher as well.

While the counters and other stuff dried I took a break from that project to rest, check my mail, take the dogs out to play, etc. I had washed a load of my work cloths including some new shirts and pants I ordered from Lands End. More ironing for tomorrow.

Finally the sun came out and the winds picked up enough to dry the grass. It is not hot but very muggy much like it has been the last couple of days. I was finally able to get the lawn mowed. There are more storms and rain in the forecast for this afternoon and tonight.

I have thank you letters to type up for the businesses who donated prizes for the raffle. And, I need to wipe down the coffee maker and other appliances that go back on the counter to finish up that project. At some point, most likely next winter, the kitchen needs repainted. When I did it last time, at least ten years ago, I took all the doors off, stripped them, and repainted. Not sure what I will do this go'round.


Sunday, 29 July 2007

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Golf this morning. It was partly cloudy, very high humidity, and not a hint of a breeze. We both played pretty well. I was hitting the ball really good through the first 16 holes. Then I lost my swing. I struggled with my drive on 16 and 17 and my second shot. On 17 I had a short pitch to the green. After hitting that shot well all day I muffed it while the course owner/retired golf instructor was coming up behind me in his cart. Oh well.

Not much on tap for today. I need to iron and pay some bills.

Last night I finished the Rhys Bowen, Her Royal Spyness then started a new Peter Lovesey. The Secret Hangman is the latest in his Peter Diamond series. He has not written one since 2003.

Tonight we will watch another Midsomer Murder.


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