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Week of 23 May 2011

Latest Update: Sunday, 29 May 2011 2:00 p.m.

Monday, 23 May 2011

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Yesterday afternoon we went to a DASH baseball game our A farm team for the Chicago White Sox. My Firm has a suite at the park with seating for up to 16. I asked Bob if he would go along to meet some of the folks I work with. I watched the game from the seats outside the suite but encouraged Bob to sit in the AC, relax, and read his Kindle without having to jump up every ten minutes to check on Colin. Our tickets included an all you can eat buffet, soft drinks, desert, popcorn, and peanuts. He seems to have survived the ordeal.

After an 8-1 lead  that lasted through the first four innings the Salem Red Sox scored runs in the laters innings but thankfully lost 8-7. We left at the top of the ninth with DASH having an 8-5 lead. We decided four hours was long enough to leave Colin home alone in the foyer hopefully not eating his way through the wooden baby gates. He was a good dog having not chewed anything nor did he have an accident.

With thunderstorms in the forecast for every night this week I mowed the lawn when we got home.  Around 10pm last night we had a pretty good one to come through bringing an inch of much needed rain. We are under severe thunderstorm watch again tonight until 11pm.

I am reading a new Mary Daheim, The Alpine Vengeance, from her Emma Lord Mystery series.


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

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We are under tornado watch until 10pm. There were some nasty looking clouds north of Winston when I left work on the way to the Y. That storm did produce some funnel clouds earlier this afternoon but it was sunny and clear here. Now, there is a line of storms heading in our direction.


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

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Dinner out last night with Marcy. I brought Bob back some dinner.

Today I worked on shifting files. I have run out of room on one side of the shelves. It's not all that busy right now with big projects so it was a good time to get it done. I went to the Y after work then came home and mowed. This morning I was not sure if the predicted thunderstorms would get here early or late. While at the Y watching the news I could see the rain was still way off to the west so I cut my workout short about fifteen minutes to give me time to mow before it got too late.

My new license plate came today. Bob put it on while I started in the yard.

Bob got us the original pilot and three episodes of Northern Exposure on NetFlix. We started watching the show after those aired. It was almost eight when I got home last night so we just watched the pilot before I headed off to bed to read.

Colin goes pretty much wide open all day and evening with just short rests inbetween. The good news is he sleeps all night. Last night he came over to my side of the bed and whined to be let out to pee. I did not hear him but Bob did. This morning around 6:30 he did it again. Having to keep the doors to all the rooms shut is somewhat of a pain but that too shall go away in a few months.


Friday 27 May 2011

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We had a wicked storm come through last night around 11 but did not know it until this morning. Bob and I were both awake because the power blipped but we did not hear anything. I saw one really bright flash of lightening. This morning when Bob took Colin out for first time he said the recycle bin was in the curb instead of on the sidewalk and the trash cart was turned over. Two branches from the neighbor's tree were hanging down to the ground in our driveway having not broken off all the way. I had one large limb in front of the garage door I had to move before I could pull out. Otthewise there was mostly leaves and sticks all over the place. When I got to work and checked the local news web site our side of town got nailed pretty bad.

It was cloudy off and on most of the morning then around 1:30 we looked out to see it was pouring. Bob called about that time to let me know it was rumbling over here. I left work at three to go across town to the SAS shoe store then made a library and grocery store stop on the way home. We have just finished dinner when it started pouring again. It's thundering now but nothing severe, at least right now.

We are watching Garrow's Law, a true story about the man who championed the "guilty until proven innocent" theory.


Saturday, 28 May 2011

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Bob helped today with several things on my very long to-do list. I actually started the list two weeks ago. Last weekend I marked a couple fo things off. This morning I hauled off a load of cardboard and a load of stuff to the Goodwill trailor, stopped at CVS for a few things, and back home.

We had sort of piled up the astronomy gear from the white truck in the basement in front of some storage shelves. With the off and on using it for my daily transportation we were not storing the stuff in the truck like we used to. This morning we moved and organized it better to a spot that is not in the way but easy to get to if we go observing.

The big ticket item for today was getting Bob to clean up the fnished area so I could clean in there and so we could walk through there without falling over something. Once he got all his kit stuff organized and moved I vacuumed the carpets and corners good.

It was overcast and humid this morning. Now it is sunny and humid. I picked up most of the big limbs in the front yard and hauled the two big branches that came down in the back to the street.

I am readnig a new Deanna Raybourn, Lady Julia Grey mystery, Dark Road to Darjeeling. Her books are set in the 1880's London, though in this book she and her brother and sister have traveled to the Himalayas to solve the muder of the husband of a family friend. If you like this time period I highly recommend her books.


Sunday, 29 May 2011

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I have a very large basket of ironing to do first thing this morning after I cleaned off my desk and filed away a bunch of papers. I then cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed. Bob washed the shower curtain in our bathroom yesterday. I cleaned the shower real good yesterday afternoon before I rehung the curtain.

After lunch I sprayed what was left of the Roundup in my sprayer on the natural area weeds and picked up more debris from the storms last week. It is hot and humid especially with all the moisture in the ground from all rain we had last week.

Last night we watched The Buccaneers on Roku. Very good period piece about four young women, not having much succes in US society, go to England for a London season.


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