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Barbara Fritchman Thompson 

New Jersey and New Hampshire 

October 1- 7

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refrigerator.jpg (66297 bytes)

Our refrigerator loaded for the trip.

caroline-llewellyn.jpg (52485 bytes)

Caroline and me at breakfast

reading-statute.jpg (58460 bytes)

Statue of boy reading

princeton-1.jpg (114593 bytes)

Princeton campus -possibly the presidents hall

princeton-2.jpg (95303 bytes)

Campus church and also used for performances 

princeton-3.jpg (72561 bytes)

Arch previous main entrance to campus

princeton-4.jpg (70920 bytes)

View of quad through the Arch

princeton-5.jpg (61356 bytes)

View back up steps through Arch of church

princeton-6.jpg (65605 bytes)

Another church on campus - I loved the windows

princeton-bob-barbara.jpg (64720 bytes)

A rare site- a picture of us together taken by Caroline

cabin-1.jpg (51311 bytes)

Our cabin from looking from inside out onto the little porch

cabin-2.jpg (41942 bytes)

This one from the porch - my robe is hanging on the door to the bathroom

cabin-3.jpg (41205 bytes)

This little dresser is the only other piece of furniture. Bob took a PC for us to take notes

cabin-4.jpg (37075 bytes)

Another angle showing the little window. The TV would be sitting in the corner if not for the PC

kangas-1.jpg (72764 bytes)

Just a small example of the beautiful trees. This is along the Kangamagus Highway

kangas-2.jpg (85874 bytes)

Another view looking the opposite direction

kangas-3.jpg (72719 bytes)

I was also shooting pictures with my 35mm

kangas-4.jpg (58755 bytes)

Not my best side. Bob caught me at another view point taking pictures

kangas-5.jpg (53461 bytes)

From the same viewing area

kangas-6.jpg (43768 bytes)

Same view, further east

kangas-7.jpg (44218 bytes)

Another shot 

kangas-8.jpg (44361 bytes)

Closer view of mountains

nh-dirt-road.jpg (51791 bytes)

When they said road construction they weren't kidding. We had about ten miles of this on the way from Lillington to Berlin

portsmouth.jpg (87844 bytes)

Little walkway in Portsmouth where we walked around looking for book stores 

profile.jpg (33501 bytes)

Bob's picture of "old man" in the mountain

old-man-1.jpg (26767 bytes)

This shot was taken with the 35mm

leaves1.jpg (50112 bytes)

This is one of the shots I was taking when Bob took my picture at the view point

leaves2.jpg (53146 bytes)

Same view, different focal length

leaves3.jpg (40828 bytes)

Looking in the opposite direction

leaves4.jpg (67629 bytes)

My shot along the Kangamagus Highway

leaves5.jpg (64987 bytes)

Looking in opposite direction

cabin1.jpg (60303 bytes)

Outside view of cabin from left side

cabinoutside2.jpg (66897 bytes)

View from the right side 

cabinoutside3.jpg (67673 bytes)

Our cabin was number six in the row

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