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Week of 9 July 2007

Latest Update:Sunday, 15 July 2007 2:25 p.m.

Monday, 9 July 2007

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Back to work for me today. Not too bad. Still the usual projects, etc.

After work I grabbed a quick bite to eat then on to the library. I worked the 6 - 8 shift selling raffle tickets for our fund raiser. I sold a few tickets and had a nice, quiet place to read for a couple of hours.

It is brutal outside. Not so much the temperatures but sticky humidity. When we left work at 5 it looked like a storm was brewing up. I had about ten drops of rain on my windshield on the way home they it either went elsewhere or died out.

Last night we watched the first disc, three episodes of He Knew He was Right. Based on the novel by Anthony Trollop, it is a typical period piece of 1869 or so about a man who falls in love with a rather independent women. When an old family friends continues to call on her, he gets insanely jealous. Excellent acting, great characters, etc.

It's late. The dogs were used to having me home all day and today I have gone from 8 to 8. They need some attention so I best run.


Tuesday, 10 July 2007

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Another hot and  sticky day. I did not even go out at lunch since I only took half an hour. Last weekend when I was backing out of dad's driveway I noticed a high pitch noise coming from the front tire/wheel area on the driver's side. By the time I got home it had stopped. Monday I heard it again when I left the parking garage and again this morning when I backed out of our garage.

I called Bob to ask him if he would drive out to Tim's at this afternoon around 4:30 and pick me up so I could drop off the car.

Later this afternoon we did get a brief storm with a little rain. It cooled things off a little, down to 75 degrees but the humidity is 80%. Driving to work in Bob's car without A/C is not a problem. I have been driving to work with just the fan since the car is cool from sitting in the garage overnight. But, if it gets hot and sticky byt afternoon I shall have a miserable drive home.

I finished reading the Joanna Brady last night. Today during my half hour lunch I started a new author for me, Dana Cameron. I met Dana at Malice this year but had not read her books. Bob had read a couple but not all them. I fell in love with the book from the first chapter. Dana's character, Emma Fielding, is an archaeologist who lives with her husband in New England. In the first book she is on a dig for the summer in Maine where she discovers a dead body on the beach. That's as far as I have read but I can tell I will love her books. We have all six of her books.

During dinner tonight we started watching the final episode of He Knew He was Right. I need to type up the minutes of the last Friends Board meeting.


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

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Yes, I am spoiled. Driving to work in Bob's car was not too bad. Driving home from work, stopping at the drugstore and then the grocery store was horrid. I have had AC in a car since I used to drive my dad's 1966 Chrysler Newport in high school. Being as hot natured as I am, getting in and out of a hot car dressed in work clothes is pretty terrible for me.

Bob called early this afternoon to tell me it was the breaks on my car, which I pretty much guessed, and that it would be ready late this afternoon. Our neighbor said she would drive Bob out to pick up the car. Bob called later this afternoon to tell me they drove out to get the car but it was not ready. Gee, they could have called him to let him know. I guess Bob should have called first.

That's the bad news. The good news it is to be cooler and less humid tomorrow. We did some rain and a thunderstorm this afternoon which cooled down the temperatures but once the sun came out the humidity spiked back up.

Scott's came out today and treated the lawn with a liquid iron/potassium/fertilizer treatment to help it during the summer heat and drought. Bob heard someone outside on a tractor and went out to assault him for mowing the lawn without permission.


Thursday, 12 July 2007

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My friend Bonnie met me for lunch today. We walked down to the Thai restaurant. Today was Friends meeting when I leave at 4. I took half an hour for lunch yesterday and will do the same tomorrow to make the time up.

I rushed home at 6, opened a can of Chef Boyardee for dinner then went out to mow the lawn. Although it is only 83 degrees and 37% humidity I am still soaking wet. You know the old saying, men sweat and women perspire. Not this woman. Bob fixed his dinner earlier and was doing the dishes when I got home.

Bob rescued my car from the mechanic's today. Kim drove him back out to pick it up this afternoon. I miss driving my own car A/C or no A/C.

We are going to watch another episode of Midsommer Murders while I cool down before bedtime.


Friday, 13 July 2007

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No update.


Saturday, 14 July 2007

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It was a really nice day temperature wise. With only half an hour for lunch I was not able to take advantage of the cool day to walk. When we left at five it was a comfortable 75 degrees. After dinner I took the dogs outside to play in the back yard for awhile. It has been so hot and muggy lately they have not had a chance to get any outdoor playtime in.

The guys let me sleep in until 8:30. After giving Bob a haircut I started on inside cleaning chores today. Bathrooms, vacuuming, and dusting were all  completed by lunch time. After lunch I started on my office/desk with breaks to do other little chores inside. The new shower curtain is hung in the hall bath, new plat covers in the den, curtains hung back in the bathroom and living room, etc.

It was still very pleasant after lunch. I had the dogs back outside to play while I picked up branches and pulled a few weeds.

Paul is picking us up late this afternoon to drive out to the outdoor shooting range. Dinner afterward then rest and relax this evening. Instead of watching a DVD last night we sat and read.


Sunday, 15 July 2007

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As I mentioned yesterday, Paul, Bob and I went to the outdoor clay shooting range. Paul wanted to shoot his new Remington 12 gage rifle. Paul and I did most of the shooting. I did pretty well hitting not quit half the clays. It was a lot of fun. We stopped at the Mexican restaurant on the way home for dinner.

Golf this morning. It was a little cloudy when we teed off around 7:15 but when the sun broke through it got pretty warm and sticky.

This afternoon I edged but did not mow. When I have to mow during the week I usually don't have time nor feel like edging too. The last couple of times I have edged the ground has still been pretty wet from all the rain we had in June. It has since dried out, actually we need some rain, making it easier to edge. I also trimmed the dead blooms from the white hydragnea. It blooms very early in the spring getting loaded down with blooms so much the branches bend over on the ground. The dogs had a chance to run around outside and help but I put them in before I finished. It was too hot for them to be out for very long.

If we do not get shower sometime today I will need to water the plants in the front.

I did finish reading the Dana Cameron. Next, I started another J.P. Beaumont. Time to relax and read the paper. 


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